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Sound design & audio production

2018 (on going)

TSDOMS (The Secret Duties of Master and Servant) is a VR experiment which explores the power relationship between humans and human-like machines. Presented as an interactive gaming experience, the work transports users inside a simulated world in which they are able control a crowd of humanoid clones. By triggering a set of musical objects, the clones respond with direct physical movements. Performing like a DJ on stage or an orchestra director, the user is empowered to play and arrange their own choreographed clone show.


TSDOMS aims to reflect on how human actions are affected by power and dominance, and how we might use artificially designed beings or clones to become our slaves.

Presented at Somerset House Studios (London, 2017), Ø Hyperdub - Corsica Studios (London, 2019), MUTEK Argentina (Buenos Aires, 2019), Amplify - Espacio Fundacion Telefonica Lima (Peru, 2019),  Inmersiva2 - CCD (Mexico, 2019) and ADAF (Athens, 2021)

Concept, design and direction by Estela Oliva (CLON)

Sound design by Ana Quiroga

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