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Music production & composition
#film #audiovisual

2020. Unreleased.

A long distancing relationship between a musician and a filmmaker during a time when the world stood still. 


The music was created in London at Ana Quiroga’s studio, reflecting her personal sound imaginary and different emotional landscapes through musical compositions and field recordings from her own house and the outside world through the windows. On this occasion, Ana has also counted on the collaboration of Rosalind Ventris and Anne Leilehua Lanzilotti who recorded several viola samples to be processed and manipulated by Ana and become part of the musical composition. 


The analogue images were produced in Berlin at Maia's studio in reaction to the audio that Quiroga’s create, a kind of audio letters, the image pretended to directly reflect the emotional state of the music compositions. Created in the darkroom through light-sensitive and chemical manipulations, this work follows Maia's interest in the material and physical qualities of the analogue medium, analysing the intrinsic beauty of its patina. Based on the idea of synaesthesia, this work stimulates the senses and emotions that the 3 music pieces had impacted on the filmmaker.

Time Stands Still was commissioned as part of The 20/19 Project by Studio Will Dutta supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England.

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