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‘Three Preludes’ is a musical composition created for a collaboration with filmmaker Pedro Maia as part of The 20/19 Project. Three arrangements featuring original sound compositions which include field recordings collected in the southeastern county of Kent (England) and surrounding areas.

The works are inspired by the melancholia of the human echoes of the First World War. Through a detailed sound composition, this work recalls a mix of feelings bringing to the surface the sadness of the past with the aggressive times of the age we are living through. However a sense of hope remains and reminds us that there is no conflict that doesn’t end, and there’s no battle we cannot win.

The musical pieces form a body of work with Pedro Maia by which the artist manipulated and edited archival visual footage from the Kent region.

The 20/19 Project is a project produced by Studio Will Dutta. It was premiered in the UK at Westgate Hall (Canterbury, 2019) and presented also at Daphne Oram Creative Arts Building (Canterbury, 2019) and Turner Contemporary (Margate, 2019)


“Mandatory for the ambient community” (Hipersónica)



Released March 20, 2020

Written and produced by Ana Quiroga Olavarrieta
London, UK, 2020

Additional field recordings courtesy of Marcos M. Merino

Artwork cover by Pedro Maia

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