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SPACE ZERO (0,0,0)

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SPACE ZERO (0,0,0)

by CLON 

Soundtrack (VA)


Space Zero (0,0,0) is an immersive space which aims to expand perception in a journey through the metaverse and the virtual worlds of CLON . 


From simulated sea waters to virtual landscapes, Space Zero (0,0,0) offers a first person tour of game-like worlds where artificial terrains, game objects, materials and textures converge. Extreme levels of virtual presence provoking physical absence, like a meditative state. Increased sensorial connections triggered from vivid immersions in image, audio and lighting environments. The physical space acts as a gateway for a hybrid reality, in which there is no point of end or departure, just a set of coordinates of the XYZ three dimensional realm. 


Written and directed by Estela Oliva

Game and sound design by Estela Oliva

Technical support by MetaObjects

Additional 3D art by Aitana Basquiat


Aether by Ana Quiroga (Unreleased)

Sunyata by Flora Yin-Wong (Modern Love Records)





MMMAD Festival of Urban Digital Art, Madrid 2021 (photo courtesy of MMMAD 2021 ©Ceniza)

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