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Three audiovisual interludes for The 20/19 Project.

The interludes feature new sound compositions and field recordings by Ana Quiroga recorded in the Kent area and surroundings. And visual footage manipulated and edited by Pedro Maia from Kent 20s, 70s and 00s Emily Richardson 'Aspect'.

The 20/19 are a series of events through sound, film, discussion and drawing. Including three viola sonatas of 1919 by composers Rebecca Clarke, Paul Hindemith and Ernest Bloch and three new audio-visual work by Ana Quiroga and Pedro Maia, using archive film and field recordings from East Kent.

Produced by Studio Will Dutta

The show was premiered in the UK at Westgate Hall (Canterbury, 2019) and performed also at Daphne Oram Creative Arts Building (Canterbury, 2019) and Turner Contemporary (Margate, 2019)

META (Game simulation and live soundtrack)



META is an immersive audio-visual journey into future and unknown worlds, performed live as a game simulation by CLON with a live soundtrack by NWRMNTC.

Inspired by sci-fi narratives and cyberpunk aesthetics, the show invites the audience to explore fictional scenarios depicting interconnected utopian and dystopian worlds. The performance is presented as a view in first person, allowing the public to feel totally immersed in the simulated game and its narrative, like a transient traveler of the virtual space.


During the show, CLON conducts a live journey through a speculative world composed of 5 scenes created using video game tools and techniques. Elements from the physical realm derive into a computer simulated world which exists outside our current systems and rites, blurring the perception of reality. In parallel, the soundtrack is composed and scored live by NWRMNTC featuring cinematic atmospheres with dark ambiences, tribal rhythms and digitally processed voices, which create a mystic palette of imaginary worlds.

CLON is Estela Oliva’s hybrid art project, in which she explores science fiction and speculative scenarios, using new media to blend virtual and physical worlds.


META is a new collaborative project born during a residency in Iceland and developed by the artists in London. The show has been presented at MUTEK Montréal (2019), Sónar Hong Kong (2019), MUTEK Buenos Aires (2019), Amplify (Espacio Fundación Telefónica, Lima, 2019), MIRA Festival (Barcelona, 2019), Inmersiva (CDD de Mexico, 2019), She Makes Noise (Madrid, 2019), Mirage Festival (Lyon, 2019) and KEROXEN (Tenerife, 2018)

Concept, design and creative direction: Estela Oliva (CLON)  |  Music and sound design: Ana Quiroga (NWRMNTC)

With additional technical support by Andrew Crowe (MetaObjects)

BASTET (AV show)



BASTET Live AV was created in collaboration with filmmaker Pedro Maia as part of the presentation tour of Bastet (LCC's second album released on Editions Mego in 2017)

Bastet is a ritual study gliding the path from the rites of the ancient to the realm of the modern. Bastet is the name of the ancient Egyptian goddess closely linked to music and female power who coerced humans to entertain her in order to keep her untamed animalistic side in check. Whilst absorbing this legend the second LCC release presents itself as a vast canvas of ritual, restraint and spacious sonorities. Stark and unnerving Bastet is not reliant on pure electronics as abstract theatre but rather utilises these tools to conjure a world circling the spheres and planes of symbolic human activity.

Pedro Maia works mostly around the concept of analogue cinema, exploring the medium potentiality, and expanding the aesthetic and technological “heritage” of the classic films procedures of working with 16mm and 8mm material. 

The show was premiered at Sónar Festival (Barcelona, 2017) and also performed at Berlin Atonal (2017), Barbican Centre (London, 2017) and 100% Psych (Madrid, 2018)

TSDOMS (VR and expanded reality installation)



TSDOMS (The Secret Duties of Master and Servant) is a VR experiment which explores the power relationship between humans and human-like machines. Presented as an interactive gaming experience, the work transports users inside a simulated world in which they are able control a crowd of humanoid clones. By triggering a set of musical objects, the clones respond with direct physical movements. Performing like a DJ on stage or an orchestra director, the user is empowered to play and arrange their own choreographed clone show.


TSDOMS aims to reflect on how human actions are affected by power and dominance, and how we might use artificially designed beings or clones to become our slaves.

Concept, design and direction by Estela Oliva 

in collaboration with:

Sound design: Ana Quiroga

Technical support: Andrew Crowe (MetaObjects).

Additional 3D design: Aitana Basquiat, Aser Perez

Prototype VR development by Munchingsquare

JANMAR B17 (Concept film)



JANMAR B17 is a concept film depicting the activation of the first CLON. Set in a speculative future, the film is the initial concept story of a larger body of work inspired by sci-fi narratives and cyberpunk aesthetics, reflecting on the future of humanity.

JANMAR B17 is a concept film by Estela Oliva in collaboration with Aitana Basquiat (Art Direction) and Ana Quiroga (Sound Design)

Screenings:​ Barbican Milton Court (London, 2017) Art Futura Festival (2018): Stour Space (London) and Espacio Fundacion Telefonica (Madrid), Aberrations (Galerie Irrgang, Berlin, 2018)

d/evolution (AV show)



d/evolution Live AV was created in collaboration with visual artist Adrián Cuervo as part of the presentation of d/evolution, LCC's first album released on Editions Mego in 2014.

Adrián Cuervo is a visual artist and researcher. His practices are focused on visual performances, interactive installations and performing arts.

The visual footage and the show were created during a residency at LABoral Art Center (Gijón) and premiered at She Makes Noise Festival (Madrid) in 2015. 

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