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BBC Radio 6 Music with Mary Anne Hobbs 


  • Rabbitfolk (Short Film) | Sound Design and Re-recording mixing (2021)

  • Up and Coming (Short Film) | Sound Editing (2021)

  • TSDOMS by CLON (VR/XR) | Sound Design (2018 -2019)

  • JANMAR B17 by CLON (Concept Film) | Sound Design (2017)

  • Sonar Calling (Extraterrestrial message) | Sound Design (2018)

  • Sonar +D (Commercial) | Sound Design (2015)


"The album doesn't quite need a concept: its coherent world of icy bass, rattling wire and ricocheting echoes is compelling and moving enough"

(d/evolution - The Wire)

"Listening to Bastet is like stepping into a theatre halfway through a performance. But, far from being frustrating, LCC's cryptic vision pulls you deeper into their world"

(Bastet - Resident Advisor)

"This is a masterful and emotional work that sounds like little else"

(d/evolution - Bleep)


(Bastet - Boomkat)

"AA Murakami’s 'Silent Fall' tantalises all the senses"

(Silent Fall - STIR)


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