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Bastet is a ritual study gliding the path from the rites of the ancient to the realm of the modern. Bastet is the name of the ancient Egyptian goddess closely linked to music and female power who coerced humans to entertain her in order to keep her untamed animalistic side in check. Whilst absorbing this legend the second LCC release presents itself as a vast canvas of ritual, restraint and spacious sonorities. Stark and unnerving Bastet is not reliant on pure electronics as abstract theatre but rather utilises these tools to conjure a world circling the spheres and planes of symbolic human activity.


“LCC open their own sort of void inside. Impressive"  (Boomkat)

Written and produced by LCC

Mastered and cut by Mike Grinser at D&M Berlin, 2017
Recorded and edited at EMS Stockholm, IAC Malmö and Gijón, 2016
Additional field recordings courtesy by Marcos M. Merino and Bando de Nuestra Sra. de la Blanca

Cover by Pedro Maia | Artwork by Ana Cachafeiro and LCC

Bastet is the second album of LCC

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