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© Leon Chew

Ana Quiroga Olavarrieta is a versatile music composer, producer, and sound designer, originally from Asturias (Spain) and currently based in London. Her work spans various media, including arts, film, audiovisual, immersive and interactive projects. She is constantly exploring new ways of music and sound storytelling through her innovative practice.

Ana has recently joined Houndstooth (Fabric Records) and released her new solo album 'Azabache'. 'Azabache' is shaped by Ana’s deep connection to her homeland Asturias and her experience since moving to London, the project is both intimate and enchanting. From the rich Celtic heritage of Asturias – the mines, minerals, and mystical feminine energy – to the urban occultism of her now-home London and the streets of Hackney and the East End, ‘Azabache’ embodies the connection between deep and highly symbolic ancestral roots and these contemporary new beginnings.

Ana has extensive discography, releasing on prestigious labels such as Editions Mego, Other People, and Modern Obscure Music. She is also known for being one half of the duo LCC, who released two albums on eMego, Subtempo, Comfortzone, and Irregular, among others. Additionally, Ana has released music under the alias NWRMNTC on Arboretum and QTZL.


With a prolific career performing live, she has played and showcased her work at renowned venues and festivals around the world, including Barbican London, Berlin Atonal, Cafe OTO, Sónar Barcelona, Lisboa and Hong Kong, MUTEK Montreal, Argentina and Mexico, Superblue London, Somerset House Studios, MIRA Festival, LEV, Espacio Fundación Telefónica Lima, CCD Mexico, and Corsica Studios.


Ana is a regular collaborator with artist Estela Oliva (aka CLON), and together they have been exploring the infinite capacities of surround and interactive sound for games, VR, and XR projects.  Over the past few years, they have been touring worldwide to present CLON's live video game META AV. And they are currently touring their new AV show 'Azabache AV'. Ana has also collaborated with filmmaker Pedro Maia on several occasions, and they have been commissioned for several audiovisual projects and toured playing live around Europe.


Always looking for innovative challenges, Ana’s music has been sent to space as part of the project Sonar Calling in collaboration with SETI and METI International in search of extra-terrestrial live intelligence. Ana has also contributed to the soundtracks of acclaimed documentaries like I Hate New York, Ciutat Morta, Tarajal, and Hadijatou. She is also working with the renowned post-production company Company 3 in the sound department, further expanding her expertise in the field.


In addition to her creative work, Ana holds a Master of Arts in Audio Production from the University of Westminster, London, and a BSc in Teaching from the University of Oviedo. She is passionate about sound research and electronic music practices and has imparted several workshops and masterclasses at different institutions, including LCC London, Berklee College Valencia, Somerset House Studios, London Music Conference, Point Blank Music School, and MUTEK Argentina.


Ana has been developing her sound research through several art residencies, including EMS Elektronmusikstudion Studios (Stockholm), AMPLIFY D.A.I with Somerset House Studios (London) and Amazonia Mapping (Brasil), Vaga Contemporary Art Space (Azores), Heima Arts Residency (Iceland), IAC, Inter Arts Center (Malmo), and LABoral Art Center (Gijon, Spain).

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