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Ana Quiroga is a London based music composer, audio producer and sound designer.

During the last 11 years, she has produced electronic music and designed sound for film, audiovisual performances, installations, video games and VR projects. 

Ana was half of the duo LCC who released two albums on the prestigious label Editions Mego. They also have released on Modern Obscure Music, Subtempo and Comfortzone, among others.​ She has also released music on Arboretum and QTZL under the alias NWRMNTC.

With a prolific career performing live, Ana has played at renowned events and festivals such as Barbican London, Berlin Atonal, Sónar Barcelona, Sónar Hong Kong, MUTEK Montreal, MUTEK Argentina, MUTEK Mexico, Espacio Fundación Telefónica Lima, Turner Contemporary, CCD México, MIRA Festival, LEV and Norberg. ​Known as well in the London club scene, Ana has played at Corsica Studios, KAOS and NTS Radio.

Regular collaborator with filmmaker Pedro Maia, they have released together several audiovisual projects and tour around Europe.​ In collaboration with digital artist CLON, Ana has been exploring the infinite capacities of surround and interactive sound for games, VR and XR projects. They have toured worldwide to present CLON's live video game META AV.

Always looking for the most innovative challenges, ​​Ana's music has been sent to space as part of the project Sonar Calling in collaboration with SETI and METI International in search of extra-terrestrial live intelligence.

Her passion for film includes diverse soundtracks and film appearances in acclaimed documentaries such as I Hate New York, Ciutat Morta, Tarajal and Hadijatou.

Nowadays, Ana continues her sound and music career under her own name, and recently has released music on Editions Mego. 



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